1. Democrats reject $40 million in federal funds for education—all to please Washington Education Association, our state’s powerful teachers union. Read more here
  2. Democrat Sen. Tracey Eide of Federal Way holds a bipartisan package on transportation hostage to her political games. She publicly announces, “I get a package, [then] we’ll hear reforms… It’s the only leverage I have.” Read more here.
  3. Every member of the Senate Democrat Caucus votes against the clear wishes of their constituents and reject the 64% voter-approved 2/3 rule constitutional amendment. Read more here.
  4. Gov. Jay Inslee plays extreme partisan politics and violates a confidentiality agreement between his office and transportation negotiators from the Senate and House of Representatives. Read more here.
  5. Gov. Jay Inslee issues a surprise announcement of his intention to grant across-the-board reprieves to nine murderers in capital punishment cases for no other conceivable reason than to appeal to his far-left base. Read more here.

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