Our Allies

Log Cabin Republicans of Washington are actively engaged with our Republican allies in Olympia and in various Republican Organizations. We commend the following individuals and organizations for their continued support.


State Legislature



Senator Andy Hill (45th LD)



Senator Joe Fain (47th LD)



Senator Steve Litzow (41st LD)



Representative Richard DeBolt (20th LD)



Representative Maureen Walsh (16th LD)

 Past Elected


The Honorable Sam Reed | Past Secretary of State



Dave Mastin | Past State Representative (16th LD)



Cheryl Pflug | Past State Senator (5th LD)



Glenn Anderson | Past State Representative (5th LD)


 Vocal Supporters



Marilyn McKenna | Blogger/Writter, #ITMATTERS



Mayor Suzette Cooke | Kent, WA



Washington College Republican Federation



Mainstream Republicans of Washington



Washington State Republican Party


“The Republican Party is a colorful patchwork quilt of opinions on many issues, but we are united on the most important issue of our day: what is America’s character to be?  Will we be the land of opportunity as we have been for more than 200 years  where every child born has a shot at the American Dream – or are we going to be a dependency society, so clearly defined by Barack Obama, where  bigger and bigger government paid for with higher and higher taxes, does for people what they can do for themselves – which takes away their will to work, which takes away dignity, which takes away hope?  Every Republican is united on the answer to this most important question.” 
– WSRP Chairman Susan Hutchison

"As a Republican member of the WA State House of Representatives, I will continue to be a strong advocate for the rights of all Americans. I co-sponsored the Marriage Equality Bill in the House a couple years ago and gave a viral speech that is still accessible on YouTube. I am really proud to see the progress in this country for promoting the rights of LGBT people. I look forward to continuing to work with Log Cabin Republicans. Let's keep up the good work!
- Representative Maureen Walsh (R-16)

“While serving as your Republican Secretary of State from 2001-to-2013, I found the Log Cabin Republicans of Washington to be enormously important in helping us build a more inclusive, diverse, big tent party. They also were an important part of my campaigns – sponsoring fundraising events and helping out. Our party’s historical commitment to individual freedom and responsibility as well as fiscal conservatism resonates will with the gay and lesbian community. We count on LCRWA to help us reach them with our message.”
-Honorable Sam Reed

"Log Cabin Republicans are out-front, on the right side of some of the most challenging issues of our time. LCRWA also provides leadership and service in meaningful ways in the community. Supporting the Log Cabin Republicans of Washington is an easy choice!"
-Marilyn McKenna

"As a Republican and the former Majority Leader in the Washington State House of Representatives, I believe in our country and our collective journey towards greater opportunity, freedom, and respect for human dignity.  The Log Cabin Republicans exemplify these qualities and are providing critical leadership to our party, our state, and our country." -Former Republican Majority Leader and State Representative Dave Mastin (R-16)

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