Kim Wyman Cancels Attendance at Conference in Tennessee

On Wednesday, Tennessee governor Bill Haslam signed into law a bill allowing therapists and counselors to reject certain clients if the therapy goes against the practitioner’s “sincerely held principles”. It’s being widely interpreted as a loophole allowing therapists to reject gay, lesbian, transgender and other clients. We commend Secretary of State Kim Wyman for being the first major official in our state to draw attention to this very important issue by canceling her attendance at a national conference in Tennessee.

Secretary of State Kim Wyman issued the following statement;
"Those of you who know me, know I do not publicly share my views on issues which could become ballot measures, as I oversee elections. Prior to today I was considering not attending a national conference scheduled in Nashville, TN in July, right before our state's primary in August. With the bill signing today for the Tennessee law allowing mental health counselors to refuse to treat patients based on the therapist's religious or personal beliefs, I have decided not to attend. My core principles do not support denying mental health care services to those who need them when they are most vulnerable."

Thank you Kim for taking a stand publicly, raising the issue and holding true to your principles!

Openly Gay Republican Pablo Monroy seeks state House seat | Seattle Gay News



Bonney Lake Republican Pablo Monroy, an openly Gay and small Tacoma business owner, announced February 1 that he is challenging Rep. Chris Hurst in a 2016 race that could help decide the balance of power in the House that Democrats control by a narrow 50-48 margin.

Hurst is an Enumclaw Democrat, who voted against marriage equality in 2012, states his party preference as 'Independent Democrat.' That could be attributed to a need to distance himself from the Democratic Party in the Republican-leaning, suburban-to-rural 31st District of east Pierce and southeast King counties. At any rate, Hurst has not been too good a friend to LGBTQ Washingtonians. Monroy, on the other hand, has been.

Monroy, 27, was born in Othello, Washington where he lived with his family until high school, and the family moved to Pasco, Washington. He would graduate from Pasco High School in 2006. While attending classes throughout the four years at Pasco High, a young man caught his eye. The handsome, well-dressed boy was named Derrick and although he says the two wouldn't officially meet on the dance floor at Seattle Gay bar, R Place, until a few years after they both graduated - Derrick is now married to Pablo.

Aside from being a Gay man, which Monroy readily admits does inform political decisions that he might make, he is also Mexican American, a practicing Catholic, a veteran of the Iraq War and Global War on Terrorism, as well as a small business owner. And he also just so happens to be - Republican. [Read more....]

Proud to be table and event sponsors at the 2015 King County Republican Party Dinner Auction






Log Cabin Republicans of Washington Endorse Charlie Sheffer - 45th Legislative District

The Log Cabin Republicans of Washington announces its endorsement of Charlie Sheffer, Candidate for Representative of the 45th Legislative District, Position 1.  His election will be held November 2016 and will likely face incumbent Democrat Roger Goodman.   

Charlie is a great supporter of Log Cabin Republicans and has attended multiple LCRWA events and spoke on various issues.  He continuously works to build coalitions and brings people together in his community. President Curtis states, “When speaking to Charlie he exhibits genuine interest in your concerns and treats you as a friend.  Charlie will provide a fresh voice in Olympia representing ALL voices, lead with conservative principals and move Washington in the right direction.”  
The Log Cabin Republicans of Washington endorse Charlie Sheffer and look forward to his election and leadership in Olympia.    

Gregory T. Angelo: Let’s not demonize those who disagree with gay marriage

In the immediate aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges, there was sentiment that the court’s opinion could ignite a new culture war — a Roe v. Wadefor a new generation — and polarize parties (and the American electorate) for decades to come. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Winning with grace is an important first step for marriage equality advocates, who should resist the temptation to demonize fellow Americans who might not yet have had the same epiphany on marriage equality that President Obama reached only three years ago and that Hillary Clinton reached a mere two years ago. Marginalizing marriage equality opponents does little to generate the healing needed on all sides to diffuse a culture war. [ Read More...]

Washington College Republican Federation Supports Changing Party Platform Stance on Marriage and Calls for US Representatives to Support the Employee Non Discrimination Act

Ellensburg, WA - The College Republicans have time and time again shown support for their LGBT friends and fellow classmates.  From marching in Gay Pride Parades, attending LGBT Events, to supporting organizations that work to bring equality to our community, theWashington College Republican Federation (WCRF) once again showed their support by passing a resolution calling for the Republican National Committee and Washington State Republican Party to change their stance on marriage in our Party platforms by 2016.  

WCRF passing this resolution further shows the commitment and the call to action these young people bring to our Party. The College Republicans are the future of the party and show just how welcoming and supportive the Big Tent Party really is.

Washington College Republicans become the second College Republican Federation to adopt such a resolution following that of the New Mexico College Republican Federation.  As the months lead up to 2016 you will continue to see statements, resolutions and call to actions from College Republicans across the state calling for altering the national and state platforms to better reflect the ideals of the modern conservative movement.  

We are proud to have the Washington College Republican Federation listed as one of our LCRWA Allies and look forward to working with them. 

Young Conservatives Group Pressures GOP on Gay Marriage | The Wall Street Journal

A new effort is being launched to try to persuade the Republican Party to drop its opposition to same-sex marriage from the party’s platform, a steep climb that would require overcoming social conservatives who have dominated the GOP’s position on the issue.

The effort, called Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, is a project of Freedom to Marry, which is campaigning to win over Republicans to the issue in hopes of building a broader national consensus in favor of gay marriage rights. [Read more...]

Washington Post: Can Republicans Support Gay Marriage and Win? | The Washington Post

Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo is quoted by The Washington Post contributor Sean Sullivan saying that the recent GOP Illinois primary demonstrates that marriage equality is no longer an effective wedge issue. You can read the full article here.

Republicans Are Driving the Momentum for Gay Marriage | The Atlantic

Michigan's gay-marriage ban was ruled unconstitutional last Friday, struck downby Bernard Friedman, a judge who was originally appointed to the federal bench by President Ronald Reagan. A couple of days later, when Friedman’s decision was stayed pending an appeal, the state's Republican governor, Rick Snyder, didn't speak out against it. Rather, he said he would go along with the court either way.

A Republican-appointed judge and a Republican governor easing the path for gay marriage: The Michigan case was just the latest example of the role Republicans are playing in the rapidly changing landscape of gay marriage in America. From Republican officeholders to the GOP rank and file, the party that once wielded antagonism to gay marriage as a wedge now is a major reason behind its increasing acceptance.  [Read more...]


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  3. Every member of the Senate Democrat Caucus votes against the clear wishes of their constituents and reject the 64% voter-approved 2/3 rule constitutional amendment. Read more here.
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  5. Gov. Jay Inslee issues a surprise announcement of his intention to grant across-the-board reprieves to nine murderers in capital punishment cases for no other conceivable reason than to appeal to his far-left base. Read more here.